Corporate Portrait

  • Duration: 1.5-2hrs
  • Group size: up to 100+

Bring out the creativity of your organization as department groups or teams work together to create the company’s “portrait”. Teams paint and assemble a unique shared vision where each canvas is unique. Once the entire portrait is assembled everyone sees how their piece contributes to the larger picture. Have your team take a new approach to the company logo or create something totally unique – there are many options to choose from. The final work of art can be proudly displayed in the lobby of an office or a conference room. A charitable version of this activity can also be arranged with a local children’s hospital or other charitable organization by having teams create a child-friendly painting that then gets donated and displayed.

True North brings all the art supplies required, as well as the canvases. This is a wonderful activity for large groups and multi-program events.


  • Creative Thinking
  • Team Effort
  • Networking
  • Collaboration
  • Charitable