Team Building

We offer highly effective team building events for all types of organizations – including small to medium sized companies, global corporations, schools, colleges, universities and non-profits. Our events promote collaboration, problem solving and creativity, and can be as fun or as serious as your needs require. It is also possible to offer a debrief session with the group to help bridge the learning back to the workplace. Looking for remote or virtual team building?   Whether your team is new to working remote or has been for awhile, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out our wide range of remote offerings.

The Virtual Illustrated Interview

  • Duration: varies
  • Group size: varies

Get your group or team together for this creative, interactive and virtual networking event.

Taking pages from both the Vanity Fair Proust Interview and the NY Times Magazine Illustrated Interview, we offer the chance for your team to get to know each other a bit better by answering illuminating interview questions by drawing their answers.  There is no need to be an artist – that is part of the fun!  It’s simply to get people thinking, interacting and telling their stories in a unique way.  We would provide between 12 – 24 questions for each person to draw – depending on the length of engagement with the group.  This is a great event for New Hire / Onboarding programs, Intern Programs, and Virtual Company Happy Hours.

Interview Question Examples

  • Draw a selfie
  • Draw your home office
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What makes you happy?
  • Where would you want to live?
  • And many more!

We can structure this event in a number of ways:

  • Hosted by True North (1-hour timeframe)
  • Self-Hosted by you (can be part of another virtual meeting you are having)
  • Self-paced (True North or you send out and participants return at their leisure, within a specified timeframe (e.g. within a week).

What happens to the Interviews?

  • For either hosted event – we give the participants time to draw and then ask people to present their drawings to the group via teleconference.
  • For the self-paced event – we will collect all of the interviews from the participants and consolidate them into a presentation format and/or .pdf format for everyone.

Drawings courtesy of: Eric Scheffinger © 2020


  • Networking
  • Self-Care
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Story-Telling