Our professional development workshops are designed to promote learning and development. Whether you want to build core skills, enhance group dynamics, or facilitate new processes, we will get you and your team on the right course. Workshops can be held remotely, virtually, on- or off-site, and structured as a ½-, full-, or multi-day sessions.  If you would simply like to purchase assessments from us, that is possible as well.

WFH Improv Skills II

  • Duration: 90 minutes - 3 hours, single or multi-day programs
  • Group size: 8 - 20

Is your team ready for a deeper dive into putting Improv skills to work?  Improv skills are an amazing tool for team’s to navigate a variety of complicated situations at work – from collaborative problem solving to difficult conversations. Our sessions are offered virtually and in-person.  Program offerings include:

● Leading with Empathy

● Collaborative Innovation

● Difficult Dialogues

● New Team Integration

● Embracing Fear in a Positive Way

● Adaptability & Agility

● and more


  • Gaining clarity
  • Having open, honest dialogues
  • Hearing someone else’s point of view
  • Sharing and building upon ideas
  • Learning how to flex and adapt in an uncertain world
  • Leadership & Followership